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What are the best door knocking apps?


In considering what is the best door knocking tool, there are two separates issues to consider. The first is where the data comes from. The second is the usability of the product. The former determines what doors to knock. The latter determines whether a volunteer or staffer inputs the right information. The best tool for you is a combination of both data, usability, and pricing. Door knocking tools have a wide range in pricing. We don’t recommend building a custom, in-house supported tools.



i360 is a well-known data provider that expanded into a door knocking application to close the loop on receiving and providing data. i360 has wide adoption across the US, consider to have good quality data, institutional support; however, i360 is one of the pricer options.


Moonshadow is one of the older products on the market but is battle-tested. It is used by both political and private organizations. Moonshadow has deep experience and a large data-set; however, the UI can be cumbersome to use and it is a pricier option.


Ecanvasser is tool born out of Ireland and integrates with NationBuilder. Ecanvasser is built on a modern architecture. It’s adoption is not wide but customer reviews generally are positive.

FLS Geo-Connect

FLS Connect is an officially approved RNC vendor and directly integrates with FLS Data Center (the main data provider for the Republican Party). FLS Connect is battle tested and has large institutional support. The downsides of FLS is the interface is hard to use, poor customer support, and questionable data quality.


TRC is a new upstart in Washington state that takes a different a approach. TRC is free, open-source, and community driven. TRC’s APIs are publicly available and has the ability to easily divide data between different door-knocking campaigns. The downsides are TRC has limited access to data and is primarily focused on the East Coast.


Crowdskout is a newer upstart based out of Washington DC, formed by experienced politicos and technologists. Crowdskout specializes in greater visualization tools and more robust analytics. It is a startup company, so new features are constantly being added. One of the downsides is Crowdskout can get pricey.

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