1. App Marketplace

App Marketplace

The Lincoln’s App Marketplace is a collection of applications and tools recommended by nearly 100 advocacy organizations and tech influencers. We’ve taken on this project of building an app store because it didn’t exist despite high demand. All across the country the Lincoln community wanted to know the best tools to use. These tools are popular within the tech community and/or the political community. This is the beta version of the Lincoln App Store. We will constantly iterate and update our recommendations based upon your feedback, so please tell us what you think!

Internal Communication


Gmail: A great tool to use for the more formal types of internal communications. Make sure you keep the content clear and concise, and be sure to make the subject line is relevant to the content of your message.

Hangouts: Google Hangouts is a great tool that allows you to plan and host free audio and video call meetings for remote teams of up to 10 people. You can also use Hangouts to send messages to groups of up to 150 people.

Slack: Slack is one of the best internal communication services around. Send messages, share documents, collaborate on projects, and host team meetings all with Slack. If your team uses any other online applications like Asana, Slack offers easy app integration that allows users to create tasks and more all within Slack.

Skype: Using Skype, you can host audio and video call meetings for remote teams of up to 25 people for free! You can choose to invest in Skype for Business, which offers easy powerpoint collaboration and meeting size capabilities of up to 250 people.

Hipchat: Send private messages, group messages, host video meetings and conference calls through Hipchat with your team. With over 200 app integrations, your team can use Hipchat seamlessly with your other tools like Github, JIRA, Asana, and Google. For teams that are more concerned with data security, Hipchat can be deployed on your own server.

Contact Management


Mailchimp: An awesome tool used to manage your email contacts and subscribers. Get notified when an email you send bounces back or is not opened. Manage thousands of subscribers by creating separate lists, send content specific messages, and analyze the data using their powerful reporting and analytics features.

NationBuilder: Whether you are running for an elected office, starting a non-profit, serving your constituents, or growing your community business, NationBuilder offers a service for you. NationBuilder helps you grow your community by helping you set up your website, integrate it with your social media networks, and those running for election, gives you access to all the voters in your district.

Salesforce: Salesforce offers distinguished CRM (customer relationship management) services that will help you grow and maintain your customer base. All of the tools Salesforce offers can be accessed online, making thier tools great for remote teams.

Email Marketing


Mailchimp: Mailchimp is an excellent tool to use for you email marketing needs. Using advanced reporting features, you can monitor your click through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and more. Utilizing the data analysis features you will be able to monitor the performance of your campaign, and edit as needed.

NationBuilder: NationBuilder is an effective email marketing tool that will help you turn your subscribers into activists and donors. Easily communicate with your donors via email or social media. Keep track of overall progress in real time, or monitor how much individuals are donating with individual reporting.



Targeted Victory: Targeted Victory is one of the best online fundraising tools available. With Targeted Victory, you not only get ground-up fundraising management, you also can incorporate data from previous Targeted Victory campaigns.

NationBuilder: NationBuilder is a top tier online fundraising tool offering great features that enables teams to easily manage your donor engagement and communicate with supporters. NationBuilder also has no transaction fees nor does it require a merchant account, streamlining your team’s fundraising efforts.

Stripe: Stripe is a great fundraising tool that offers a total online fundraising management solutions and is easily integrated with other tools like Asana and Slack, making it easier for your team to manage.

Analytics & A/B Testing


Optimizely: Optimizely web experimentation services can increase your overall engagement and revenue by strategically employing A/B testing for all levels of the consumer’s experience with your website and content. After running experiments on the different parts of your website, you can analyze the data and adjust where needed, improving your consumers experience and increasing your revenue.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics makes it easy to perform A/B testing on the consumer experience of any part of your website. With Google Analytics you can track multiple variations of your website data, and make adjustments as needed. This is a great tool to increase the consumer’s experience with your website.



i360: i360 is a huge database, comprised of over information on over 250 million 18+ American Citizens. Offering not only voting data, but also consumer demographics, lifestyle and behavioral data, to name a few. i360 is a great tool to use for targeting and micro-targeting marketplaces and consumers.

NationBuilder: NationBuilder offers a free voter file for a specific geographic area for organizations. Included in the data is voter history, email, phone numbers, addresses, and political affiliation.  Use this data to better target voters and donors.

Stripe: Stripe offers great database tools and features to help you manage your data easily  and in an organized fashion while offering real-time monitoring, so you won’t have to wait for a data-dump to see what happened overnight.



Amazon AWS: Amazon AWS offers great cloud based computing solutions for both broad and deep core infrastructure services to help scale and grow your organization. AWS is a secure cloud service platform that offers strong computing power, database storage, and content delivery solutions.

Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), makes it cheaper for your organization to run and manage your website by using their servers. With IaaS, you get access to cloud servers and storage space to run and test your websites and products, top tier networking firewalls and security, and the flexibility to adjust network resources based on demand within minutes.

Rackspace: Rackspace is the largest managed cloud provider and offers many solutions for your infrastructure needs. With Rackspace you have dedicated servers for your organization to store, experiment, and run your website and programs from. Rackspace also offers a create-your-own cloud, allowing you to add only the services you need. Collect important data using their powerful data monitoring and analysis tools to improve your product.

WP Engine: Offering top security, speed, and scalability, WP Engine offers powerful cloud based infrastructure services for small and large scale operations. WP Engine makes it easy to host and manage one or multiple websites in real-time. Additionally, WP Engine makes it easy to transfer your website to their servers with a free migrate feature.


So it’s your turn. Tell us what you think. Help us improve the App Store. Recommend a tool and tell us why it is valuable. This is the first phase. We hope our App Store will get people working smarter, faster, and better.