Database Management


  • Predictive dialing
  • Easy data management
  • Additional services for hire
  • Integration into Facebook Ad platform


  • Lackluster design
  • Limited canvassing technology
  • Limited adoption

VoterTrove is based in Austin, Texas and is a voter engagement platform. It has evolved over the past few years into a straight-forward data management and marketing integration tool for non-profits and campaigns. The primary use case for VoterTrove is to reduce data silos, introduce new ways of slicing audience data, and easily increase touch points with a target audience for the masses.

The VoterTrove platform

VoterTrove makes it easy to upload existing contacts, to engage contacts, and to grow your the size of your contact list.

To ingest contacts, VoterTrove offers customizable web-forms, the ability to add tags to individual contacts, and each list is built the same way whether email, robocalls, direct mail, or phone-banking. The focus is on managing the contact, not the source or referral channel. Thus once you’ve created a list, VoterTrove allows you to manage and use the same list across different platforms, removing the cumbersome activity of recreating list after list for different engagement campaigns.

VoterTrove also has a scoring system which is based on voter campaign interaction. Whether via email, at the door, or by phone or text, every time your voters engage with your campaign, it will influence that contact’s VoterTrove Score. This is similar feature found in MailChimp, Marketo, InfusionSoft, and other marketing automation software.

To engage with your uploaded contacts, VoterTrove has an array of technologies. With Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, VoterTrove offers an automated system that interacts with callers, gathers information, and routes calls appropriately. All data gathered is then connected to your state’s voter file. You can also perform issue advocacy or take donations with their warm call feature. VoterTrove also has push-button email and texting features, allowing you to easily reach your contacts (the email templates are customizable via HTML).

If early voting is your game, campaigns can upload their state or legislative district’s updated voter file as early-voting occurs, to get a better understanding of the campaign’s progress and where last minute GOTV efforts are needed

An interesting feature compared to competitors is the ability to pushed to an ad campaign to a connected Facebook account. VoterTrove was on of the first adopters of the Facebook Ads API, but this feature is becoming more common on other platforms. We wish that VoterTrove would expand the ad platforms its supports, like for Google and Twitter.

VoterTrove Activate

In effort to expand its footprint, VoterTrove offers a services line titled, Activate. The VoterTrove team will utilize its home-grown platform within a campaign or cause for a fee, which varies based upon the needs. This means that VoterTrove will build, cut, and analyze contact lists and audiences on your behalf. They will then run ads against these audiences towards a goal, like signing a petition or showing up to an event. The pricing of Activate is in-line with smaller digital agencies and won’t break the bank. Activate is ancillary to the core platform, so we assume that the agency work is partly subsidized.

A data app, not a door knocking app

Since VoterTrove has evolved and iterated over the past few years, it offers a varying array of features outside of its said focus – data management and marketing integration. A weakness of VoterTrove is canvassing, which isn’t a focus of the platform anymore, but the platform still contains many of the features to support canvassing. VoterTrove has no mobile app and does not automatically give feedback to door-knockers of their performance. A manager won’t be able to track ground activity as it happens. Rather, VoterTrove is a CSV-centric product. It is a list cutting, building, and engaging product. VoterTrove fills a niche of data management for campaigns and causes on a budget. 

No Frills Design

For the self-serve side of the platform, VoterTrove has a straight-forward user interface (UI). Although the clarity and simplicity of the UI is of benefit, it’s not unique selling feature among competitors. The visual design is lacking and out-dated. It isn’t complex to use, but it won’t win any design awards.

Limited Adoption

Despite operating for several years, VoterTrove has limited adoption across campaigns and causes, even within its backyard in Texas.

Data Management & Engagement on a Budget

VoterTrove could improve the visual look and feel of the dashboard, add a robust mobile app, and offer more marketing integrations. Other than that, the software is well equipped for any small or mid-sized campaign with a budget. Pricing is broken into two tiers; Tier 1 State Wide and Tier 2 Legislative, Congressional, City, County, with reasonable pricing.

VoterTrove is a software company, not a data-mining firm; the data you collect remains solely your organization’s property. In the course of our interview, the VoterTrove team was quick to respond and answered questions frankly. They seemed principled on finding the right tool for the right problem, which won’t always be VoterTrove. Out-of-the box it’s easy to create walk lists, email lists, call lists, and Facebook audiences. It isn’t designed to support a very large campaign or cause or offer deep-learning based audience insights; however, it is data management for the masses.

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