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  • Leonardo and Archimedes have high level integration
  • Strong political strategy team
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Leonardo is not as feature-rich as competitors
  • Unclear differentiation compared to similar products

WPA Intelligence is an election analytics firm with a concentration on predictive modeling and data gathering, and the developers of both Leonardo (an app to promote campaign activity) and Archimedes (for data storage and visualization). Through their campaign strategy work, it became evident that a singular warehouse was needed to store and run analytics on data no matter where the source. This became Archimedes, a web portal database that allows for data visualizations.

Leonardo, WPA Intelligence’s other service, is an app to promote grassroots activity and was used by the Gregg Abbott campaign to integrate reward tracking, contact invites, and host a newsfeed for supporters.


Leonardo is the core system behind an iPhone and Android app that WPA Intelligence built for campaigns. It allows for push button notifications to volunteers and supporters, and hosts live Twitter, YouTube video, and EventBrite notifications.

Upon downloading the application, a supporter signs up by providing their name, email, and home address. From there, they are taken to the dashboard, which is quite simple.  Leonardo allows for pushing surveys to your supporters, discovering new insights about your most engaged audience and integrating that data back to your Archimedes database.

It includes gamification features, allowing individuals to compete for precinct chairman roles within the application. These points can be earned by how many downloads one user encourages, and by survey completions. Supporters can keep track of their points within the reward system, which includes a public leaderboard of the highest ranked users. When users reach milestones (based on points) they will be granted exclusive access to events and activities. For example, the Abbott campaign allowed those with high Leonardo scores to enter special drawings, including a lunch with now-Governor Abbott.

With Android’s Google Contacts section, your supporters can upload their address book into the Archimedes database, matching their contacts with the campaign’s respective voter files.


Archimedes is a data storage and visualization platform which collects field activity data, voter files, live analysis of interactive voice responses, ad viewership, survey results, finance data, donor information, and email, web and social media metrics.

Archimedes supports unlimited user logins, and can be integrated with the Crowdskout CRM and other tools via API, the preferred method for porting data to Archimedes. At its heart, Archimedes is a data visualization tool, for which the purpose is not only to house data, but also to run reports and better understand your audience and plan better engagement strategies.

For security, Archimedes uses 2-factor authentication, behavioral alerts, has an IP address whitelisting option for SQL query level access and requires data extraction approval, if there’s a need to download a .csv or other file format.      

At this time, Archimedes is only available to WPA Intelligence’s campaign strategy clients.

In Conclusion

With WPA Intelligence’s Archimedes and Leonardo, high level data visualization paired with the tools to implement findings (via Leonardo) is promising — especially when considering the backbone of both tools being an experienced campaign strategy team. However, we did find that the feature set for Leonardo lightweight at this time when considered against tools like uCampaign; while the team behind WPA Intelligence is experience in political strategy, the current iteration of product lacks clear differentiation compared to similar products.

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