• Simplifies actionable data for you
  • Very scalable to large campaigns
  • Continued growing feature set


  • Costs can vary greatly
  • Might not make sense for small organizations

Crowdskout is a data analysis platform based in Washington DC that acts as a central hub for all information for a campaign or cause. This product can help glean insights via on and off-line data to provide key insights on user behavior. Basically, Crowdskout is a central hub to leverage all your data with a particular strength in content audience analysis. 

Data under one house

The greatest value of Crowdskout is the ability for users to see actionable data regardless of their expertise. This is especially valuable in political campaigns where it is often difficult to discover human capital with the ability to do deep data-analysis. By looking at data points like social engagement, email open rates, and canvassing responses in one place, it is significantly easier for a campaign operative to make tweaks to strategy based on need.

After the 2012 election cycle, a common complaint from campaigns was that siloed datasets did not offer the full picture of what was happening. Crowdskout solves this problem and in many cases completes the analysis; you provide the data, they do the analysis. With custom scoring and modeling that Crowdskout — an organization with experience across many disciplines (campaigns, advocacy organizations, publishers, and businesses) — provides, you can be assured you have access to quality information.

Crowdskout is also very scalable; since it is a platform, it can handle your organization’s data as you grow while still offering the same insights. With clients such as the RNC and larger private-sector publishers, they are experienced at handling large clients.

Expanding Feature Set

CrowdSkout originally started as a way for content creators to better understand their audience by easily organizing audience data. Today, Crowdskout consolidates common actions you would take based upon the data and analysis it presents to a user.

CrowdSkout offers a canvasing app, email delivery, petition form creation, task management, dashboard tools, advertising spend tracking, donation tracking, and customer profile management. It even offers a tool to target policy makers and offers data-science as a service!

Most of these tools are an extension of its core data pooling and visualization features. With a host full of third-party integrations, it is easy to plug-and-play. Unlike other platforms, CrowdSkout is much friendlier at import and exporting data with third-party technologies.

Despite such a large feature set, CrowdSkout has done a good job keeping the UI and UX simple and straight-forward. When you compare this larger feature set to the competition, it does fall short on nuanced, unique use cases for power users; however, the average user will probably not notice.

At its core, CrowdSkout’s goal is to house disparate data sources under one roof. Their additional features can’t really be used effectively in isolation on the platform.

Pricing will vary

CrowdSkout’s pricing is not available to the public. To know how much CrowdSkout will cost your organization, it requires a demo and consultation. As logic would suggest, the more features you add, the greater the cost. Based on the inside sales model vs. the self-serve model, CrowdSkout is not an inexpensive option. 

A hub
Despite a vast feature set, Crowdskout is primarily a hub for all data insights. In a world with so many trackable interactions both on and off-line, Crowdskout makes it much easier to act on these insights from all kinds of touch points. Organizations can improve relationships with those who matter most: supporters, customers, or readers. As Crowdskout’s product offering has grown, the pricing can vary greatly and the tool might not make sense for every organization depending on their size. With strong customer service and good product development, Crowdskout is a good choice if you can afford it. 

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