Door Knocking


  • Easy to use dashboard and canvassing app
  • Good user permissions structure


  • The apps need full adoption of your team to be the most effective
  • Data management based pricing gets expensive quickly

Ecanvasser is one of the top canvassing apps in the business. It claims to save organizations an average of 12 hours per-month in administrative activity and another 35% reduction in monthly office expenditures (such as stationary, software, IT costs). Ecanvassers’ app has an easy-to-use dashboard with advanced permission settings and no additional charges for more users; however, it can get expensive, as Ecanvassers’ model is based on number of contacts managed instead of number of paying seats.

In the field

Out in the field, there is an Ecanvasser mobile app that captures information about voters, voter issues, contact info, and demographics. The field data syncs automatically, making sure that everything collected is not lost. The walk list can be navigated through either a list or map view. Both list and map view are more than satisfactory, with the walk-list option being able to view data at both address and street view.


Robust Admin Interface

Ecanvasser ensures that a campaign and cause’s outreach efforts are followed up via email or delegation management within an organization. You’ll be able to create voter segments based on survey responses, issues, tags and voter statuses. Sending out emails through the dashboard is a big plus, as several competitors require using a third-party tool without integration.

Tracking campaign activity is also straightforward, as is live tracking of canvassing. Permission levels are also straightforward; nearly all types of individuals who would work on a campaign or cause are covered. This feature increases data security and data quality.

When it comes to analytics, it’s standard fare. The analytics offered are a glorified technicolor and dashboarding tool. Metrics cover houses visited, average reception, canvasser tracking, demographics etc. You’ll be able to identify swing areas and create fields for issues raised.

It gets pricey

Ecanavasser is the type of software that needs total team adoption in order to be successful. It’s focal point is creating savings in areas of administration, data entry, software costs, user interface simplicity and efficiency. We agree that it’s a win in those areas. Its biggest drawback is that you don’t pay for the number of seats or users, but for how much data/contact you upload to Ecanavasser to manage.

Pricing ranges from $49 a month for a maximum of 15,000 contacts to a high-end of $1,999 a month for 500,000 contacts. Moving an annual plan saves 20% across the board.

For example in a town like Bellingham, Washington, with 600,000 people, you could be paying almost $2,000 dollars a month if you door-knocked the town; however, States like Washington has no clear level of distinction between Republican and Democratic voters. Practically, this means you could paying for entries you don’t care about. Doing some leg work in advance and being aggressive on filtering out contacts will greatly reduce the cost.

Good but watch your data plan

This is one of the better canvassing apps out there; however, their payment structure by certain bandwidth can cause significant cost increases. With that in mind, you’ll have to target your audience well to keep costs in check.

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