Voter Gravity

Door Knocking


  • Easy to decipher and understand platform
  • Integration with other common tools like MailChimp and Salesforce


  • Web based dashboard not accessible through app
  • Web based dashboard leaves reports only available with access to Internet

In their effort to change the voter-engagement process, Voter Gravity allows your campaign to express itself away from the Rolodex and in the field. Voter Gravity is a  cloud-based voter contact system available via desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. Their focus is on data-driven decision making, possible anywhere and from any device. Voter Gravity was founded by former field operatives, who combined their experience with a team of professional developers.

The Dashboard

The dashboard is where you’ll house your data, make decisions, and manage your volunteer, donor, non-donor, and voter relationships. The user interface of the dashboard is clean and intuitive, with communication tools built in; this includes a responsive system that allows you to live-track volunteer canvassers as they are in the field. The dashboard allows you full autonomy to import, append, and add data as necessary. Voter Gravity is able to list up to 500 households for a single walklist, and 25 walklists per canvasser. Door knockers are able to route, reroute, and remove streets from a created walklist all on the go. As you create walk lists on the web-based platform, you’ll be able to see who the top priority voters are in each household as they will have a star by their name. This will  increase door knocking efficiency on the ground. Your canvassers can choose to use in-app Google Maps based route optimization, helping them be more efficient.

Call Me Maybe

Texting and email features allow you to text or email anyone who has opted into your system. The phone banking system has three options to make calls: using your own phone and dialing each number manually, using your own phone to dial into a system that will then make predictive dials to voters for you, or a browser-based version where a user can utilize their computer’s speakers and microphone. This versatility helps make Voter Gravity an affordable option for smaller campaigns which may not have the funds for a larger phone-based operation and rely on canvassers to call with personal devices.

Voter Gravity also has a built-in feature to run auto-dial phone surveys. This is a nice feature that allows smaller campaigns to conduct surveys; however, users should be cautious as this feature could inadvertently dial cell phone numbers, which could result in FCC violations and fines.


One of the highlights of Voter Gravity is that it is entirely mobile, so campaign managers can adapt on-the-go while out with canvassers. Goals can be set which improves compliance (and in turn improves efficacy). Each client of Voter Gravity must go through training. The system automatically scales with a campaign, so your operations won’t get clogged based on volume.


One downside of Voter Gravity is the lack of a native mobile app for iOS or Android. While the system is optimized to work in a mobile web browser, the interface is clunky and difficult to use as opposed to a native app.

An all around good option

Voter Gravity also has a series of API’s readily available to implement datasets, such as data sets from the RNC, SalesForce, HubSpot, Eventbrite, and others. Fees range between $99 dollars per month for smaller local campaigns to $5k per month for statewide campaigns.

All things considered, Voter Gravity is an effective app.

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