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Earning Media Coverage: How to get your Nonprofit Featured

You do great work, and you know it. But others might not be so sure … yet. Earning media coverage is a signal to donors and potential volunteers that you take what you do seriously, and they should consider your organization. It will also help you reach eyes and ears that may not have otherwise learned of you.

This GuideStar blog post overviews some of the steps you need to take to pitch journalists in a way that’s more likely to get them to open your emails and consider including you in their articles. Some of the key takeaways:

Differentiate yourself

If you are telling the same story as a nonprofit the journalist has already written about, they might not have too much interest in continuing the story. But if you can show that you’re doing something in a unique way that allows you to better serve your audience, make a point of it!

Don’t shoot from the hip

Journalists do research, and expect you to do so as well. Don’t reach out to a journalist that wouldn’t be interested in your topic, and try to reference an article they’ve written that shows their interest in your field.

Transparency goes a long way

Journalists have to maintain their own reputation, and so it’s important to them that you are truthful with them. The last thing they want is to upset their audience by misrepresenting others. Being honest and transparent will allow you to build a long-term relationship and make it so journo’s know they can count on you when they need an expert.

Not enough advice?

Read the full article at trust.guidestar.org.

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