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Fundraise, Big League: Lessons from an RNC Insider

On December 13th, Telegraph hosted a webinar with RNC Chief Digital Officer and fundraising aficionado Gerrit Lansing. He explained how the Republican Party put on a clinic while up against the Clinton campaign’s small-donor fundraising efforts, and how that groundswell of support contributed to Donald Trump’s historic win.

Key Insights

1) Email list size X conversion rate = $$

When fundraising via email, your conversion rate will be somewhat static and isĀ one of the most difficult factors to influence. Because of this, the main driver of donations will always be the size of your email list.

2) Budget matters

And since list size is the most important driver of donations, budget to acquire prospects also matters tremendously.

3) The end-of-campaign’s matter most

What makes getting budget approved difficult is that 50% of donations come in the last two months of a campaign. Learn from Gerrit, in detail, how to convince management to offer the list-growth budget you need to meet fundraising goals.

Watch the full webinar


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