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Government procurement: How to secure federal contracts

Shannon Sartin, Digital Service Expert at USDS, is part of the ‘Procuremenati,’ a small team of experts in acquiring government contracts, who exist to make the process easier and more efficient. She joined us for a webinar to discuss how small businesses can take advantage of federal contracts.

Roadblocks to winning contracts:

  1. There is not much industry/government collaboration before the government decides to make a purchase from industry. This leads to some difficulties with government understanding exactly what it needs to purchase: agencies cannot approach a company directly about a contract, but can ask under the guise of “market research.”
  2. Oftentimes the reporting requirements of a federal contract make up 25% of the work for any given contract, and the list of reporting requirements overall for those who win contracts is quite long.
  3. Lobbying can create an unlevel playing field in contracting, and some agencies are trying to level that playing field. However, it’s still difficult for small businesses to make it through that process compared to incumbent organizations.
  4. If you want to create a business model specifically built on government contracts, you can expect to need a lot of money and a big window. With that being said, any company with a SAM.gov account can bid on contracts.

Given the roadblocks, what steps can you take to secure federal contracts? Watch the webinar below and find out:

Watch the Webinar

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