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How to Manage Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail is complex, but we’re here to help you successfully reach donors or voters where they spend the most time; in the comfort of their homes.

Do it Yourself Mailing

If you’re lacking available spend to outsource direct mail, and have the experience to do it yourself, internally managing campaigns is a great option. But don’t underestimated the knowledge needed to successfully manage a direct mail campaign;  in this case, you would have to procure your own mailing list, find your own mailers, printers, and much more. Other considerations include:

  1. Making sure you buy quality cardstock, and considering cost as scale if you are planning to use direct mail for more than just one campaign.
  2. Devising a way to track conversions. If looking for donations, of course you can’t quite use a promocode, but consider giving away free gear for donations of a certain amount when a code on the mailer is used. Additionally, you can create a unique landing page (URL) only shown on the mailer to track leads in Google Analytics which are coming in via direct mail.
  3. Make sure you pay deep attention to design. Even if you can’t outsource the direct mail process, you can always hire a designer to create a mailing template, which is expected to be quite inexpensive.

Hire a Consultant

Not sure how to win at direct mail? No problem. A consultant will handle everything for you, from strategy to creative design and everything in between. They can help you navigate ways to save on postage rates and usually have preferred vendor pricing for printing and other services. They also know data vendors and can help with mailing list procurement. Asend Direct is a great partner for succeeding at direct mail.

Transactional mail

Transaction mail is post that goes out after a trigger event. You might be familiar with the concept over email, where an automated message is sent after a purchase or other activity. Similarly, transactional (physical) mail is sent after a trigger event, such as a client birthday, a certain time period after a donation, or other event. Lob is a great option for transactional mail, as they have an API for sending automated mailings based on triggers. This is great for continuing to interact with current donors, but is not so great for acquisition based on cost-benefit.

Programmatic retargeting

Programmatic retargeting is a technology invented by Pebble Post which allows e-commerce companies to retarget users who visit a website with a piece of direct mail at home. For example, say a visitor views a Prada purse on TheRealReal, doesn’t buy it, then she will be retargeted with a postcard with an image of the Prada purse in her physical mail! They’ve seen conversion rates of 8% of more.

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