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SEO: Why You Need It For Your Campaign

Campaigns and initiatives are relying on digital outlets more and more. In fact, most people use search engines to educate themselves on the issues of a particular race, effort, and the players involved. That’s why your organization needs to understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and how it plays into your marketing.

SEO: The basics

Search engine optimization is the process by which you maximize the visits and links to a website while raising its ranking in a search engine. This happens by using high performing keywords in your site’s URLs and pages while promoting backlinking from high-quality websites and reporting changes and updates in content to a particular search engine.

Another significant component of an effective strategy includes the integration of social media platforms and original content. Researching specific keywords for your campaign (i.e., a candidate’s name, the voting geography, or particular issues and personality traits) through tools like Google Trends will help immensely.

Things you can do

SEO is a multifaceted process. Ensuring that your content is optimized on multiple fronts is essential. That’s why you should consider these tips and suggestions when planning your campaign’s strategy.

  1. Keywords, keywords, keywords: Ensure that selected keywords are appropriately used and be ready to adjust these by monitoring the performance of specific phrases and topics.
  2. Original content: A website’s optimization improves with recurring blog posts or other types of original content that can be optimized for search engine indexing and ranking. Plus, this content can be used in email campaigns, social media strategies, and for backlinking purposes.
  3. Identify your cause: Search engines analyze keywords from website titles, headers, and prominent text. Prominently identifying your candidate or cause through these mediums while optimizing these elements as keywords will help with ranking during a search.

Using an SEO tool

Most website builders and content management systems have built-in SEO tools; however, these tools are basic. On the other hand, external tools — as in software engineered for SEO — can optimize content and then some.

Websites running on WordPress can utilize a tool known as Yoast SEO, for example. Yoast allows users when creating pages or posts, to select up to five keywords while giving recommendations for the best performance practices. SEO Powersuite is a software of external applications that specialize in keyword research and link prospecting. Regardless of which tool you use, they do the same thing: optimize your site’s content through the best possible practices at varying price points.

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