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Simple steps to improve cybersecurity at your website

If you’re planning on interacting with visitors in any meaningful way, being on top of cybersecurity is a must. When users enter data into your platform, especially credit card information, they are relying on you to be secure. Here’s a few quick tips to have and maintain a secure website:

Backup your website

You never know when something is going to go wrong, and if your website is a primary driver of donations — you better have it backed up somewhere. We suggest backing up your site both via your web host and having a local copy saved on a harddrive, just incase.

Update your software regularly

It seems obvious, but it can be quite easy to ignore platform updates, especially when they cost money. But it’s worth the spend when the trust of your donors is on the line. This is also not just about your website in general; each widget, tool, and plug-in must be regularly updated to be sure there’s no gaping vulnerabilities at your website.

Use a good hosting provider

If you’re relying on a discount hosting provider, it’s likely that investments into security aren’t being made on their end. This isn’t that big an issue if you have a simple page, but once you ask people to engage with your site in a meaningful way, it’s important to pull your weight by being secure. Make sure the hosting provider you choose is keeping up with their efforts to protect you and your web properties.

Be mindful of user access

The more people who have privileges to access your site’s backend, the more opportunities that one of your team members will be hacked and your cybersecurity compromised. Only give out access to those that really need it, and make sure passwords are required to be updated regularly.

SSL protection

Finally, use an SSL certificate for additional protection. If you’re accepting credit cards, this is not only recommended, but usually required. You can get a free SSL certificate from┬áhttps://letsencrypt.org/.

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