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Use A Social Media Management Tool For Your Marketing

Activism has become not only an interpersonal endeavor but a digital one. With social media at the center of political debate, activists and organizers need to consider creating social media strategies that are engaging and communicative. To do this well, your communication and marketing team should consider using a social media management tool.

What is it and when you’d need it

Most organizations use more than one social media outlet to communicate their message. Because of this, managing multiple social media accounts can become a complicated and unorganized monstrosity. You have to master different user interfaces, remember multiple logins, and get past the systemic barrier that social media networks were built for consumers — not advocacy groups. This is where a social media management tool could step in.

Six reasons why you need a social media management tool

  1. Manage your social accounts: A social media management tool can integrate your multiple social accounts in one place.
  2. Keep up with your social media engagement: Referred to as a “unified inbox,” you can respond to people who engage with your profiles and content by liking posts, replying to them, and promoting community engagement all on one screen.
  3. Schedule posts and content: Do you have a social media-addicted candidate? Spare them some extra characters by scheduling posts ahead of time by using a social media editorial calendar feature. In some cases, you can set up a queue of posts and program the tool to post them automatically.
  4. Manage social among teams and on mobile: Most social tools allow for team collaboration so that your content is regularly produced, updated, and monitored. Also, most tools have mobile apps allowing you to manage your social presence on-the-go.
  5. Understand your social presence and impact: Virtually all social tools have a reporting and analytics feature that helps users understand their social appearance, performance, and target audience.
  6. Integrations: Most social management tools have integrations with popular productivity and marketing apps, including Slack, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and WordPress.

Which tool is best for my organization?

Some of the most popular platforms for social media management include Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, and Hubspot. Notwithstanding, the market for social media management tools is a crowded one with products geared for the average small business owner to large enterprises. Regardless, the decision is up to you. You need to initiate the research yourself and determine what your organization needs to have a successful social strategy.

You also need to keep cost and scale of work in mind. If social media is a secondary priority for your marketing, then don’t waste your money. If social media is a significant communication tool for you, then opt for a social media tool that will meet your budgetary and marketing needs.

Hootsuite, for example, has some of the richest features that you can get on the market while a tool like Hubspot offers reasonably priced options for small to medium-sized organizations. Consequently, each tool has its unique features that will either be compatible with your needs or not.

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