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How To Strengthen Your Email Strategy

Email has proven pivotal for successful, modern fundraising, and implementing a proper email strategy is key to a successful campaign. This midterm election season alone has seen a surge in fundraising totals for campaigns of all types.

Considering user capture, retention, and activation in an email campaign is vital. Campaigns need to be able to rely on email marketing to recruit activists and volunteers while also raising funds for outreach, engagement, and field-related operations. Be sure to ask yourself before sending any email: who is the intended user? What do I want them to do?

A few things to consider

During a recent panel hosted by Campaigns & Elections (a trade publication focused on political consultancy), several digital fundraising strategists attributed email strategy to a boom in small-dollar donations.

This panel identified three tips to consider when strategists prepare email initiatives for their campaigns.

  • Understand what works and doesn’t for your email list. Given the environment of the 2018 midterm, several races — pushed especially by Democratic candidates — have become nationalized contests. Having a mail list representing the campaign’s target demographics and programming calls-to-actions (CTAs) that cover each issue is important. Also, strategists shouldn’t be afraid to test and refine email initiatives through A/B testing.
  • Balance results with content diversity. Email strategies need to provide for a wide range of content. Results-based donation drives and small dollar CTAs are imperative. However, blog content and cross-platform user engagement are vital to cover a diverse approach for overall campaign outreach and external messaging.
  • Provide supporters a reason to give or volunteer. Supporters need to be coaxed into standing by your cause or campaign, and email marketing is still one of the most successful ways to use digital marketing to boost campaign engagement. Considering this trend, creating email content that appeals to your support base is critical to effective digital marketing. Give your supporters a reason to help and stand up for your issue or candidate.

Have the right technology

One other area of consideration is the technology behind an email campaign. Having the best email marketing platform rolled into a strategist’s digital strategy is essential. Technology and software that accommodates your issue or candidate campaign also benefits your supporters and messaging.

At Telegraph, we review industry-leading email marketing platforms that advocacy and political campaigns use every day.

Here’s a list of our favorite.



Constant Contact

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