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The top 3 digital trends for advocacy and political marketers in 2019

2018 is finally over. After one of the most competitive midterm election cycles in history, political marketers need to prepare for the 2020 presidential election cycle.

Digital will continue to win campaigns

As the evolution of marketing technology continues to overshadow the advancements in traditional in-person campaign strategies, marketers and operators will need to rely on digital more than ever in 2019 and 2020. Though there is no substantive data on this trend prepared yet, 2018 patterns could be something to pay attention to. According to Centro, digital will continue to be a critical vertical as operators look towards programmatic advertising, with reports indicating that “there is lots of optimism that digital budgets will increase” coming out of the the midterms and  into 2019, with spending primarily geared toward programmatic technology.

While digital is very likely to remain a key focal point in a campaign strategy, marketers need to take note of these three digital trends for 2019 heading into 2020.

  • Facebook and social media will continue to self-regulate political advertisement: Facebook recently announced new transparency rules that political advertisers all over the world will have to follow, starting in 2019. These new rules include political advertisers having to report their name, location, and list a disclaimer on each ad. Additionally, all ads ran on Facebook will be contained in a searchable Ad Library. Other social media networks are likely to push more transparency rules as self-regulation continues to be the trend to get ahead of government intervention.
  • Data regulation and user privacy regulations: 2018 was a benchmark year for data and user privacy regulations. With the passage of GDPR in the European Union and other legislative models across the world, data protection will be necessary. Since data is still the critical asset in digital political strategy, the need for a robust cybersecurity infrastructure is essential. Marketers and consultants need to employ the necessary security staff to protect assets and personnel.

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