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How to use livechat to earn leads

It’s no secret that people are increasingly comfortable communicating over text rather than over the phone. But did you know that live chat can not only help companies resolve support tickets, but also allow organizations to easily and effectively connect with potential supporters?

Though you may have used a live chat for support in the past, you may not realize just how dynamic the upper-tier programs are. They often have preset notifications depending on how long you are on a page, not just to ping you generally but to ask about a specific issue that you may be having depending on your time spent on that page. For example, if you were at checkout for 5 minutes, the system can ping you asking if you can assist with placing an order.

Livechat as a CRM

Of course, not every bit of software is equal. There are many free chat systems which are a simple integration, while more complex chat systems contain entire CRM’s, automatically email clients if they left your homepage, and can help with organization and management of how-to guides.

With intercom.io, you can even send tutorial videos within the chatbox to help explain the value of your organization. Intercom can also be integrated with chat on Facebook, and across many other platforms and tools, like Mailchimp, using zapier.com. Previously, most CRM’s were email based, but increasingly customers and supporters are finding that they are completely overwhelmed by emails so it’s not the most effective way to begin nurturing leads. Instead, try starting at a livechat.

Options for livechat

While intercom is immediately a spend of about $100/month for the full package,  there are free options available which can be effective to start. One great free option is mylivechat.com. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a true CRM like intercom, which can be integrated even with the forms on your website, but it does give you the basic functionality of quickly and easily connecting with potential donors or supporters.

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