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What are the most common mistakes in sending emails?


Some of the most common mistakes are commonly associated with the user experience. A good email understands why, where, and when users open up their emails.

Most Common Mistakes

  1. Sending without proper tracking and instrumentation
  2. Not testing the email before it goes out
  3. Confusing email marketing and transaction emails
  4. Using too much content that slows email loading
  5. Not optimizing for mobile
  6. Not personalizing the email campaign
  7. Spammy sounding headlines
  8. Not managing unsubscribes properly



The market provides many, many email sending tools. Here are a few we have used in the past.

If you are just getting started sending emails, we recommend using Mailchimp. It is easy to use and designed for smaller organizations. It is quite easy to track and manage contacts.

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