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Sometimes even the most data-hungry organizations forget the fundamentals of cybersecurity; think the recent Equifax leak or the Uber data breach. When it comes to campaigns and advocacy, leaks not only compromise the trust and security of your most ardent supporters, but also create serious liabilities.

Please join us and sponsor Crowdpac (www.crowdpac.com) for our free webinar on campaign cybersecurity, as we discuss the strategy and technology behind keeping your data safe. PKC Security CEO Becker Polverini and Center for Internet Security Executive VP Curtis Dukes will discuss with Lincoln Network how to avoid embarrassing data leaks.

About the hosts:

Becker is the CEO of PKC Security, a cybersecurity and software consulting firm in Southern California. PKC designs, writes, and maintains cutting-edge, secure software for clients as they expand into new or at-risk verticals. He previously worked with Microsoft on Chinese censorship and espionage, at the Columbia University Intrusion Detection Systems Laboratory, and in various kinetic warzones around the world encrypting communications. His published research includes work in machine learning and censorship analysis.

Curtis W. Dukes is the Executive Vice President at the Center for Internet Security. Dukes joined the National Security Agency in 1984; his last roles of responsibility at NSA were Deputy Director, then Director, of the Information Assurance Directorate. At the NSA, Dukes earned the Distinguished Executive, Meritorious Executive, as well as Exceptional Performance and Meritorious Civilian Service Awards. Dukes earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Florida, and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. He is a 2004 graduate of the Intelligence Community Officer Training Program.

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