Learn what the all the important details about technology positions in the White House.

Hear the history of building a modern White House.

Learn how technology work actually gets done in the White House.

Get tips on how to transition from the technology world to the government world.


There are talented tech professionals who want to serve in the next Administration, a fact supported by data Lincoln Network has collected over the past month. Since the Federal Government operates hundreds of websites, many digital services and many Exabytes of data – [and growing] – our goal is to ensure that these talented tech patriots are better informed about opportunities to serve their country and how to navigate the process.

Please join Lincoln Network as we host leading tech influencers connected to the Obama Administration who will share insights regarding tech oriented roles in the Executive Branch, the placement process during the Obama Administration and timeline, the future of the U.S. Digital Service and more.

Your Hosts

Aaron Ginn :

Aaron Ginn

Co-Founder at Lincoln Network

Aaron Ginn

Nate Lubin : Former White House Digital Director

Nate Lubin

Former Obama White House Digital Director

Nate Lubin

Haley van Dyck :

Haley van Dyck

Co-Founder of United States Digital Service

Haley van Dyck