How to get results with limited resources using a lean team (like a software company).

How data is the cornerstone of an effective advocacy campaign.

Campaign tech, tools, and strategies at every level (state, local, and national)

How to leverage digital in conjunction with traditional campaigning to gather support.


Technology is of increasing importance to modern advocacy organizations. The private sector has adjusted to the innovations out of Silicon Valley but the public and political sectors still lag behind. Today, most of these efforts can’t compete effectively unless they structure a campaign to seriously utilize and leverage technology, data, and analytics.

Please join Lincoln Network as we host Darren Bolding, Chief Technology Officer at Cambridge Analytica, who will share insights about how tech was leveraged in the 2016 election cycle and how you can use those same principles throughout your organization.

Your Hosts

Aaron Ginn :

Aaron Ginn

Co-Founder at Lincoln Network

Aaron Ginn

Darren Bolding : CTO at Cambridge Analytics

Darren Bolding

Darren Bolding is CTO at Cambridge Analytica, and previously worked as CTO of the RNC.

Darren Bolding