How to visually communicate the goals of your non-profit and establish an online brand

How to utilize analytical data to make better marketing decisions

How to use web design fundamentals to guide visitors to action

How certain tools and plugins can help you create a website without technical know-how

In today’s virtual world, non-profits hoping to change the status quo must make themselves easily accessible. Beyond content, developing a quality webpage requires understanding of design and behavioral science. What webpage structure is most intuitive to the average user? Where do visitors usually look for contact information? How do color and aesthetics influence a visitors’ experience? How can web design improve non-profit impact?

Please join us for our free webinar, sponsored by Crowdpac (www.crowdpac.com), on the top 10 web design mistakes non-profits make to answer these questions and more. Together, Lincoln Network Head of Product Alex Klout and Lincoln Network Co-Founder Aaron Ginn will discuss how to structure a website to encourage interaction, increase traffic, and improve non-profit reach.

About the hosts:

Alex is a bay area entrepreneur obsessed with furthering American democracy. He’s spent his career building and scaling startups as a founder, head of product/marketing, and a UX designer. He’s built and launched companies focused on civic engagement, campaign tech, media, digital philanthropy, crowdfunding, and gaming. Alex has advised numerous large companies such as Disney, ESPN, ABC, Lloyds Bank of London, as well as mid sized companies, startups, and advocacy orgs. Alex has trained over 35 members of Congress and their staffs on digital strategy, messaging and process optimization; he has also taught these topics at Wharton School of Business, Pepperdine University, the General Assembly, and many others.

Aaron, located in the bay area, is focused on connecting policy with technology. Previously a growth hacker for Stumble Upon, Everlane, and the Romney presidential campaign, Ginn now works as a mentor at Tech Stars and President of Lincoln Network. He has made the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Law and Policy in 2017, was named by Wired as one of the top 20 Tech Insiders Defining the 2016 Campaign, and is a published author on TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, Brietbart, and others.

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Crowdpac, a crowdfunding platform for politics helping citizens run for office and take political action.

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Aaron Ginn

Co-Founder at Lincoln Network

Aaron Ginn

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